Making Rudolph Noses

Yesterday when the boys came home from school, we whipped up a batch of what I fondly call Reindeer Crack. Most of you probably know this recipe using Hersey Kisses, but I take it a step further into deliciously dangerous yumminess by using….ROLOS! Yes, those caramelly delectable treats…triple yum! This was a winner with the boys from beginning to end. They enjoyed every step of the process and we ended up making 5 batches of noses!

what you need:

  • large bag of Rolos
  • M&Ms (just the red ones!)
  • pretzels
  • parchment paper

Let’s Cook:

While your oven is preheating to 170,  unwrap Rolos and separate M&Ms.  Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place pretzels in rows. Top each pretzel with a Rolo and bake for @ 4 minutes until the Rolo is soft. Carefully remove parchment paper and noses to the counter and smush one red M&M (M side down) into each nose.  Let your completed noses sit out until they have hardened. Resist the urge to eat them all!



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