*Photoshop Keyboard Tip Sheet

Good day, Penny fans!

Raise of hands… who is looking for a way to make scrapbooking in Photoshop a bit faster? Whoa… that is a lot of hands!! LOL! Well, today I share with you a little treat … a handy Photoshop keyboard tip sheet.  These aren’t all the the shortcuts the program has to offer, however, they are some of the most commonly used ones. I hope that you find it useful…. and if you have have a great tip that is not listed, please let us know!

Please click the image to download.

Photoshop Keyboard Tip Sheet

And as a special bonus… when I was searching around the web last week, I came upon this blog post of 30 secret Photoshop shortcuts… very cool, things I never knew!! There is just so much to learn (and ways to do things) in this program!

30 Photoshop Secret Shortcuts

Now, I’ll let you get back to scrapping… with these shortcuts in your back pocket, I can’t wait to see all the layouts with Penny’s awesomeness in the galleries!!


Rebecca aka MamaBee


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    happyscrapper says

    What a gift! I am self taught by trial and error and I’m still in the infant category. This will be a great help. Thank you so much!


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