Project Life Title Page for 2014

So now that it’s almost February, I’d thought I’d show you what I’ve come up with for my Project Life cover page. This year, I’ve decided to go hybrid (at least that’s the plan for now) and focus on monthly layouts vs. weekly spreads. I did monthly/digital layouts last year (still working on it!), so I know the monthly approach will be far more manageable for myself.  Why hybrid?…well…for 5 simple reasons

Why I decided to do a hybrid Project Life album:

  1. Envelope Pages: Sure I can scan report cards and art projects but I WANT to keep a few keepsakes. Keeping them in the album just makes sense.
  2. That Printer I Bought: It’s just sitting on the shelf – screaming to be used.
  3. Time away from the computer: when you design and run multiple websites, it’s nice to take a break from the glowing beast!
  4. Immediate gratification: When I finish a page, everyone can feel it, touch it, look at it – it doesn’t sit on my machine waiting for the year to end to be printed.
  5. Fun: I’ve missed getting my hands dirty, and it shouldn’t take too much crazy cutting or glue, so I should be ok.

So that leads me to my title page! I knew I wanted to paint and have a grid of pictures, so I picked up a pack of We Are Memory Keepers 4×4″ inserts and plotted away. I know this page will not remain in its current state: I hope to switch out these pictures with a few of my favorites from the year, but I didn’t want empty spots, so I picked a few of my favorites from 2013 to get the album started. I have to say the painting was my favorite part. In fact, I’m totally smitten and have painted title cards (which will come to SSD soon) and have plans on working on more cards throughout the year.


coverpage3 coverpage2

Don’t you just love the paint…well, minus the family…I still need to switch that one out…but overall I think it’s such cool look. If you like the love card, I have it here for you! :)



 Free Download: 6×4″ Love Card by Penny Springmann

Here’s a sneak peek at the month cards – some of these won’t make the cut, but I wanted to share!


What about you – Have you finished your title page? If so, link me up! :)


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    Giseli Freitas says

    Thank you! Love that so much! :)
    I’m picturing a font or alpha. With splatters and everything. It would be SO cool!


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