Tutorial: Using Layer Groups with Paint Shop Pro

One of the things I love about PSP is layer groups.

Layer groups make moving or resizing several things all together very easy.

I use it mostly for title work.  I often find alphas to be bigger than I want or I want to move the title around the layout to see where it works best.  Layer groups make this simple.

In this layout I want to group ‘11 things’


First I create a layer group.

I do this by selecting the lowest layer title letter & then right clicking to bring up the menu & I select “New Layer Group”


This opens a dialogue box, where you can name your group. This is useful if you have several groups.  I named this one the imaginative “Title”


This creates a new group and adds the selected layer to it.

Then you add the other letters & numbers of the title to the group by dragging them down below the “Title” layer, until they are all in it



To move the individual layers around you use the Pick tool (K)


To move the whole group together you use the Move tool (m )

I think the title is too large. I want to add more journaling & I need more space.


I can resize the entire group all at once with the resize option. First I select the group layer, then I choose resize, which opens up a dialogue box.


Uncheck the resize all layers box & choose the percent option for pixel dimensions & enter the size you want. This resizes the entire group while still leaving each letter as an individual layer for you to adjust or move separately if you wish.

This gives me much more room for journaling


I also like to use layer groups to move groups of photos & embellishments around together while I decide if I want to center everything or move it over to the left.

Groups are also handy for getting more variety from templates. Group all the template layers together except for the bottom one, resize the group to 50-70% & then move it to another corner or center it on the page.

Layer groups are useful & versatile part of PSP

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